Chimera (Part II)

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Before I elaborate on my previous post, it bears mentioning that, over the last six months or so, my dreams have been quite vivid. Please don’t mention that dreams are only in black and white: my dreams were bursting with vibrancy and colour. Several of them repeated over a few days. Others played out like an epic with several chapters. I’ve had several clear messages conveyed in some of them, while others were strong metaphors for current life events. It is almost like a mosaic of various tapestries, overlaid with different templates and filters.

I hesitate to become biased in the meaning of the major dream from 12 years back, although portions of it have started to play out during my moments when I am not asleep. Right now, I am not ready to share specific details of the dream, otherwise I would get various people telling me that this means this, and that means that. So, at this point, after initially deciding that I would reveal certain details, I will now withdraw my intentions. For now. But something is happening, and if things continue as they do with God interacting with my subconscious, everything may suddenly and unexpectedly change…prayer is appreciated…

(to be continued…)