Just finished reading bits of a weblog from a friend in the midst of globetrotting. Many exciting experiences and journeys have been documented.

Travel is good. I’d like to travel more. But yet, I am still here. And I find myself asking…why? I am told that “life is too short” etc etc. and we should try to take in as many experiences as possible in our lifetime. That’s what it means for some people to “live life to the fullest”.

I wonder sometimes as I sit at home every day working on a career that may not be, hoping for a thing not guaranteed, while others (like my friend) travels and experiences and documents. Am I so vain to think that I’d had enough “experiences” in my own life that it is time to “sit back” and let things take a more “safe” course? Of course, the Lord can change things in an instant. In addition, this path was one chosen by me, with God’s direction, and I know He is caring and watching over me. But if I were to just drop everything once again and face newer challenges, experiences…opportunities…would I be just as blessed by God?

That then begs the question…am I living for God, or just trying in my own way? Is self-satisfaction dominating over sacrificing for Him? Am I just convincing myself that I am “doing His Will”, or is it really so?