They face off against a backdrop of shadows and light

Instilling a pervasive fear atop a dread of doubt

Yet coiled in a luxurious burrow, they seek to destroy

Or conquer

Or entertain

And yet the loud silence echoes in a maze of uncertainty

Making known identities of remote truth

And flying flags of representation awash in bright colours

And faded histories

Onward the defiant march continues

As they scan each other

Hoping for symptoms of weakness

Trying to ascertain the ruminations of the other

Signalling a code of personal honour

In a war with no winners

Or losers

One can only surmise that if only two worlds colliding

Would take time to understand

To learn

To discover

To agree

To cherish

To appreciate

Would things be different

Or would it be just another illusion of value

Of self-worth

Of loyalty

Of independence

Of moving on

Of victory