I had an interesting experience today.

I was making my way to a fellowship meeting, with three passengers. When I got there to drop them off before parking the car, I realized that all three passengers were characterized by a certain aspect. One was an elderly gentleman who was essentially blind, one was a widow whose husband had passed away about a year ago, and the third was temporarily lame with an injured foot and was on crutches.

It was amusing at first when I noticed the unique situations of each of my passengers, but upon further thought, I was reminded that God has placed me in a position to serve without really realizing it: The blind man was being led to a place where lights would shine in fellowship. The widow was taken to a place surrounded by people to lift up her spirits and enjoy time with the family of God. The injured fellow was unable to drive on his own, but could not be stopped from meeting with the saints.

While I am guilty of overanalyzing in general, I am not one who overanalyzes offering rides to people in my car. I like getting rides offered to me, too! It really isn’t a big deal to me either way. However, I have experienced misunderstandings and temporary disruptions of unity as a direct or indirect consequence of offering rides to people. Strange but true. But if we are in a position to help other people, and find that we are getting hung up over trivial matters, then we should really examine how God can use us in even the little things when serving others. Like giving someone a lift.

They might need it more than you realize. God reminded me of that today.