I was given the opportunity to speak a few months ago on ‘behavior’, primarily touching upon gossip, hypocritical living and being honest with God. I haven’t been invited to many parties since.

Not that I didn’t expect that sort of reaction. No one likes being told that they are acting/being immature when it comes to living for Him. Truly, that is.

Three months ago, you can see as indicated in my last weblog entry that I don’t share many of the “fellowship desires” of the “typical” anymore. It began shortly after what I like to call the “on ne change pas” period. (If you look hard enough you can figure out what I’m talking about) and continues to this day. I’ve tried different things…joining BSF, coming to church more, etc etc. But, I’ve discovered (finally) that for me to be at peace with who I am before the Lord, I needed to humble myself first before taking offense at others. Yeah, I know it’s hard.

Post-modernism suggests that we need to have “faith in ourselves” etc., that’s not what I’m talking about here. Myself included, we are all guilty of being judges of others and looking at others and gossiping about others….and examining one’s self is negligent and minimal, aside from the griping and self-deprecation. There are others we can emulate, who carry themelves well, but they are few and far between. We need to ask ourselves “Where do _I_ stand before God?” And, again, it’s not about how much quiet time you have a week, or how often you come to church. But, are we living for God in a practical, humble way?