As I commence my journey on the new path the Lord has laid before me, I look forward to some interesting adventures in the months ahead. With my distance-education pursuits in creative writing coming into full force (as well as fulfilling church responsibilities and finishing night courses in internet publishing), I know that I need to be very disciplined in my daily routines.

Now, I know from experience that it is easy to turn inward when focus is on self and self-interests. Several friends around me are experiencing various trials, from illness and injury, to depression and divorce, and I hope that I will not be so selfish as to ignore these people around me, especially since I am now in a position to offer a helping hand, a shoulder…something we should be doing anyways when we see someone in need.

In terms of my own walk, I pray that the Lord can use me to impact others for the greater good, and not be discouraged when phone messages are not answered, e-mails are not returned and when people just let me down with broken promises and continued ignorance of obvious communal responsibilities.

So easy to say…