One recent challenge I’ve been facing is time management. More often than not, it is a cliché that we bandy about without consideration.

Sometimes it’s easy to just fall into a routine. I found that, when I was working nine-to-five, I would go through the same motions every day, and my daily duties would become very mechanical. Even now, as I pursue academic interests, I sometimes find myself getting all frazzled and perhaps lazy when it comes to getting something done without procrastinating, and this leads to falling into the sameness of repetitive daily patterns.

By God’s grace, however, I have been kept quite occupied with not only school but church duties and domestic responsibilities, and I enjoy it. It is a welcome break from monotony which has ruled my life for that last 10 years, even during the 2 year period which I wasn’t working.

It is a blessing and privilege to be able to spend time wisely with people, whether it is to fellowship or witness, and I pray that the Lord will keep us fervent and zealous to “feed the sheep” or “make disciples”, whether we are working every day, in transition in our life, or struggling with tribulations. Once we allow the Lord to master within us these essentials of communal interaction, the struggle with time management will often resolve itself.