Time stands still when one realizes grave misdemeanors before God. A remedy seems afar, yet is available at moment’s request to the Almighty. Yet…

This past Saturday (April 30th) I was at a wedding of a long-time friend (the bride). During the reception, I was seated at a table with several of the groom’s friends and family. There was one girl in particular with whom I was conversing with which gave me pause.

“Tamara”, after hearing of my faith in God, inquired about some of my church background. After some sharing, she mentioned to me that she had grown up in a Catholic environment, and afterwards started attending an Alliance church. She stated that she was, at one time, quite immersed in church involvement…until she met her boyfriend 4 years ago. “Derek”, she confessed, did not have any interest in church and did not want her to attend either. Tamara remorsefully stated that she felt she was “living in sin” (she and Derek were living together). She inquired about several passages in Scripture, mentioning the passage in Revelation about “being hot or cold” and also in Romans about knowingly continuing in sin.

I was saddened by her story, and we chatted for a while before her boyfriend returned to the table. Initially (before talking to Tamara), Derek was nice to me, then he started looking at me funny, most likely because he was not too impressed with Tamara conversing with me. She looked at me a few times with what seemed like a cry for help, and gave me a very sad look right before she was whisked away by Derek out of the building.

While it was a bit disconcerting, I came to the realization that perhaps more compassion needs to be shown to those who have fallen, and their scrapes and wounds need to be attended to. Perhaps it is too late for Tamara…I have no easy way of getting in touch with her, nor do I think it is a particularly good idea from a practical standpoint. But my heart went out to Tamara that Saturday night, and I wonder what will become of her. Another name to add to my prayer list.

It is easy to judge those who have fallen. Let’s help pick them up…and ask God to help us…