A recent e-mail came my way which contained the following thoughts on religion:

“Regarding religion, I just have too many questions and it’s not like I have not considered it……but there is still something missing for me……the essence of family, of which I am in desperate need of emotional support, and not receiving it is very hard. I really don’t know what to do. I get tired of coming home to an empty apartment……Thank God, I have some really good friends who look out for me……I don’t feel worthy of approaching God and to do so, I would feel like a hypocrite. There are just too many who are so-called religious, but are not, it’s too bad, and I don’t want to be one of them…”

It is interesting to note that many feel this way when it comes to the rationale behind their reluctance to embrace Christianity (or any religious belief system, for that matter). They are plagued by questions and surrounded by hypocrites, but have few answers or support.

For a group of people who are supposedly shining our lights in this world, it’s tragic that we often seem to have little to offer to the unsaved except for platitudes and propaganda. What does this say about our walk with the Lord? How about our obedience? We claim to know the truth, so where is the desire to demonstrate our faith and live the life? Maybe I’m not seeing it in my own realm, so perhaps I am guilty of generalizing, so I apologize for that. But how many of us flock to meetings, studies, social outings and conferences with our fellow believers, when there are people out there, people we know, that are struggling for solace, searching for peace, and looking for answers? Are we fearful about getting a negative reaction from sharing our faith? Or are we too busy with our own “walk with the Lord” to bother trying?

Too many unanswered questions…