In today’s Vancouver Sun, there is an article about a classmate I graduated with from high school. Elan Mastai, the class president from my graduating class of 1992, has achieved some measure of success in screenwriting. While reading the article I remember some of the interactions I had with him back in high school. One incident in particular was a time when he and some friends of his borrowed a video camera, which I myself was borrowing from a friend. Now, one should not lend out property that does not belong to you, but Elan and his friends were kind of tall and, well, somehow the camera I was borrowing ended up in their hands. Suffice it to say, the owner of the camera was not too happy, and it was over a month later that the camera was finally returned. There is also a story about this girl that I liked, and, as the cliché goes, “she ended up with the class president”, but I’ll save that story for another posting (maybe)…

Anyhow, I, like Elan, had always had aspirations to be a writer of some sort. Back in 1991, my Grade 11 teacher mentioned to me that I should consider seeing some of my literary creations published. Initially, I concluded my acumen had more to do with my interest in computer programming than in the great Canadian novel, but as the 90’s wore on, I started becoming less and less interested in composing for the computer and more towards publication of a written work of some kind. As I succumbed to the thought process that I needed income to survive (and that there was an inverse relation between aspiring authors and overall success as a job that can make a living), my post-secondary studies consisted of mostly computers and business management, and my career life has followed suit, mostly in mediocre-paying, entry-level positions in large private companies.

In the meantime, while making income, for the last five years, I’ve had the opportunity to write and direct Christmas plays for church, and that has been a real pleasure and blessing. My play from 2002 has apparently been circulated to at least two different churches and even performed for their 2003 Christmas program!

I am now poised to look seriously into publishing my existing plays in a compilation, in addition to writing more plays, for possible publication. I can only thank the Lord for giving me the ability to write and produce such works, and I give Him all the credit. Not sure if I will end up in the paper one day like Elan, but God knows what my future holds, and I look forward to discovering it.