Prisoners in North Korea and worshippers in Honduras are praying for us in Canada. Why? Because they see that we are falling apart at the seams as a collective group of Christians splintered across hundreds of denominations. Even within our own respective congregations we see rumours, gossip, division and other concerns, and turn a blind eye, ready to defend our own stoic actions and disseminate blame accordingly.

Why is it that we see the issues around us, but they seem so challenging to solve? Why are we not just getting up off our collective behinds and getting to work for the Lord? People — friends — around us are hurting and suffering. Perhaps even you are suffering. What’s in the way of us sharing and bearing one another’s burdens?

Over the last two years, having been re-evaluating my place in this world, and having had conversations with friends in many different circumstances, I have come to understand, learn and grow in the knowledge of what true fellowship is all about — it’s about caring for one another in Christ. Of course, we are apt to immediately come to the defence of that statement and say, “Yes, of course I care for my brothers and sisters, but…” followed by a long, drawn out litany of explanations, notions and hyperbole. Or dare I say, excuses. Are we really too busy? Honestly, where are our priorities? The almighty dollar? The pursuit of pleasure? Comfort over challenge? Convenience over charity?

How much do we really care about others? How many of us are ready to drop what we are doing to help someone in need? Be honest with yourself, are you really ready?

On a somewhat related note…

I am going to make a few decisions in the next few months which are going to cause some people to react strongly, and I apologize in advance for that. In fact, I expect people to wonder why I am going “against the grain”, as it were. My intent is not to shock for the sake of shocking, but to move forward in my walk with Christ, instead of circling in a holding pattern for another two years. But, as the Lord leads, I am hoping that I can serve Him with gladness and come before His presence with singing again, and I find that I cannot walk straight without making a few changes in my own life.

I am ready to walk through the door to a new beginning…and prayers and support are appreciated. Time to start caring and sharing again, and to represent Christ more fully.