The Gossip

The other day I went to church and I heard
Right after hearing the thoughts from God’s Word,
That ‘someone’ had mentioned that ‘someone’ said this,
Oh, yes, ‘twas tidbits I did not want to miss.
Apparently I was to keep it hush-hush,
In case ‘someone’ heard, then I’m sure she would blush,
Not only that, it could damage her rep.
So if I am asked, I’ll surely sidestep
Any such chatter, I know that it’s wrong,
So let’s just continue in chorus and song.

But you won’t believe what the rumours are now,
I thought it was over. I won’t take a vow
And claim that I know a lot more than I say
It’s not black and white…it’s certainly grey.
So let’s drop the topic, it’s not nice to be
Persisting on chatter between you and me.
Even if everyone already knows
What’s going on with our friend ‘so-and-so’.
Not to say that I condone her actions,
But it’s best to reduce all speculations.

I wonder why she says the things that she does,
And now everyone wants the latest buzz
On all the decisions she chooses to make.
But I think her latest is one big mistake.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against
The person in question, I just think it’s best
She does something else, for the sake of the church,
Because, based on all my Biblical research,
She’s gone too far with her impudent gall,
And her blatant gossip is hurting us all.