It never stops. One moment order is derived from chaos, the next moment fog encircles the camp causing the army to surrender to the elements. Why is is that we repeat the same mistakes over and over?

I find I am often trapped in the queue, trying to eke out a voice of rationality, but the overwhelming squeaky wheels of the currently attended clique drown out my tiny words. Worse, it never changes. People who should know better seem to be clueless. It won’t be repeated my struggles in the past to reconcile with attitudes of apathy, but how is it that we lack discernment and dissertation in that which should imperatively be addressed? To put it more bluntly, we read and absorb and learn, and instead of proactive application of that which we proclaim is the truth of our behaviour and necessary actions, we do nothing.

Perhaps we are more Pharisaic than we realize. Someone stop the bleeding.