Praise the Lord! Upon mention of prayer for an unsaved friend of mine to another friend, I was reminded that we are often trying to be the hero in someone’s salvation. Could it be that my motivation for seeing my friend get saved had underlying selfish motives? I wondered about this before coming to the realization that, on a broader scale, with so many resources at our ‘disposal’ (for lack of a better word), should we go it alone?

God called Sadhu Sundar Singh, a young convert from India, to reach out to people for Christ, but faced a number of obstacles, many coming from the established church he attended. He found he could not reach out to others effectively if he conformed to the ‘regulations’ he was asked to follow. So he decided to amalgamate his new-found faith with the culture of his surroundings, all in the name of Christ and with the purpose of seeing souls get saved – and that purpose fed his motivations.

Remember, it is God that opens the eyes. Our duty is to heed the call to see souls get saved, and God can use whatever tools he wants to do it. Are we willing to be used by God as an instrument for the salvation of others, above and beyond our often ingrained preconceptions and motivations?

Something to ponder…